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A multicultural community

Helping people. Changing lives.

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Date: 21st & 22nd OCT 2023

Venue: Williamstown Town Hall


10% early bird discount on food tickets till 21st September

Indclub welcomes like-minded individuals to be part of this organization and work together towards the objective of preservation and promotion of Bengal Heritage & customs.

Please visit our flagship event Wyndham Durga puja. We are located at the western suburbs of Melbourne. This puja is one of the most famous Durga puja in Melbourne. We are a group of fun-loving people, who organize several events. For the Bengalis in Melbourne, Indclub can be a great part of your social life.


We believe in the vision of diversity and inclusion - which makes our large family more eventful, sustainable and a

place where happiness thrives.


Our motto has been to build up a multicultural non-profit organization that successfully brings diversified communities together and enlightens Indian

heritage & culture.


We have already established partnerships with several organizations and local businesses and would like to continue to expand this network in the coming years to build a healthy ecosystem.


 We do organize several events over the year which strengthen our connection with society. Come and explore one of our events, you will find colors of happiness and become an integral part of the club.

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